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STLC Budget Booster


1.Promotion valid for customers confirming an estimation from STLC on or after 11/05/2015
2.Every $1000 for tiles and bathroom ware on the final tax invoice will incur $100 lighting credit 
3.Maximum lighting credit is $1000 for a $10,000 order or over
4.Lighting credit is calculated on retail pricing of tiles and bathroom ware products only
5.Labour value not included in the lighting credit calculation 
6.Lighting credit is not to be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions or discounts
7.Lighting credit is redeemable once per address
8.Lighting credit is made valid on the date of account settlement
9.Lighting credit expires three months after the valid date
10.Lighting credit cannot be redeemable for cash, other products or to transferred to another party
11.Only valid for owners of residential property 
12.Project homes built by one party for multiple investors are not eligible for the Budget Bonus promotion; see point 5.
13.If owner of the property is facilitating their project through a Builder, invoicing will remain to the builder and the lighting credit will be under the property owner*
14.If the customer orders lights exceeding lighting credit customer must pay remaining amount
15.STLC return policy is in effect with light credit orders

*Lighting credit redeemable once Builder has settled their account with STLC for your project 

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