Product Description
ARDEX WA is a solvent free, epoxide resin-based grouting compound and thin bed adhesive, for use where chemical resistance is required or where cement-based grouts are inappropriate. ARDEX WA is suitable for fixing and grouting all types of ceramic tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics in internal and external situations. When fully cured, the ARDEX WA mortar provides a waterproof, weather and frost resistant joint from 2-15mm wide that is chemically resistant. ARDEX WA is especially suitable for use in swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, shops, abattoirs, dairies, hospitals, hydrotherapy and spa baths, sports centres and other specialised buildings where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are required. ARDEX WA is resistant to aqueous salt solutions, swimming pool chemicals and sanitisers, chlorine water, commercial and domestic cleaning agents, alkalies as weIl as a wide range of dilute mineral acids.

Disclaimer: Products are not refundable once packaging has been open. If you are not a tiler by trade STLC recommends contacting us for product advice before purchasing tiling products online.

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