Product Description

ARDEX ST   Size (pack): 310mL Cartridge
Colour: Various

ARDEX ST is a unique, neutral curing silicone sealant with good adhesion properties yet is easy to apply and smooth. It is also characterised by its antifungal agents to combat mould growth and its non corrosive properties. Once cured it forms a permanently elastic, water resistant seal that is able to accommodate movement up to 20% of the original joint width. ARDEX ST is a superior performing neutral cure silicone for all sensitive natural stone applications. The unique formula is free of standard ingredients that are present in acetic and most neutral cure silicones, which can cause staining of natural stone.

The cured silicone is strong enough to be used on floor joints and stair treads from 12-15mm, and is resistant to all climatic influences such as UV, commonly used cleaners and disinfectants. Being neutral cure, ARDEX ST is also suitable for use with all ARDEX waterproofing membranes and can also be used in underwater joints such as in swimming pools.

Disclaimer: Products are not refundable once packaging has been open. If you are not a tiler by trade STLC recommends contacting us for product advice before purchasing tiling products online.

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